• Photographer for a wedding - how to choose?

    Photographer for a wedding - how to choose?

    Each of the Young Couples wants to have a beautiful beautiful souvenir in the form of wedding photos. However, not everyone knows the services of which wedding photographer to use. How to distinguish a professional from a person who only claims that he professionally deals with wedding photography?

    Wedding photos - not quantity but quality matters

    Simple features distinguish good photos: the diversity of frames and the idea is the first and most important test. It is important that the photos have the correct exposure, are sharp and have an illuminated background, that they have the right colors, contrast and are correctly processed in the graphics program.

    The most important, therefore, is not the number of photos proposed by the photographer, but undoubtedly their quality and this is the principle that should be followed when choosing a given service provider. A good photographer who values ​​the effects of his work and his brand asks: does the sculptor also supply stone fragments and worn chisels along with the sculpture ordered? Does the painter provide sketches and failed copies with the portrait ordered? You must realize that the photographer signs his name under the photograph taken. I will not give you a photo that fails, without processing or several almost identical shots one by one. The finished work is a reportage consisting of a certain number of photos in a specific order - forming a whole. Therefore, photographers do not give away all the raw material.

    At the meetings, get to know the photographer's portfolio thoroughly, ask about his propositions both on the wedding day and in the open air, and ideally arrange a engagement session (check how you feel in the presence of the photographer). You will spend extra money on it, but at least you will know how a photographer works and more importantly - what are the effects of his work.

    First of all, ask for an album with large prints. A professional will not offer you pictures in the 9x13cm or 10x15cm format, because you can not see much on them. The minimum is the 15x21cm format, and if the photos are larger, the better. The preferred size, revealing a lot, is 20 × 30 cm. The album should contain a variety of situations, recorded in the pictures - from preparation, through the wedding, the wedding to the open air. A photographer is a bit of an artist, not a laborer. Everyone has their own individual style. Choose the one that suits you best.

    No self-respecting photographer should give the client photos intact with the graphics program. Working out and improving them is extremely important and time consuming and should be included in his duties. So if a photographer offers you thousands of photos on a disc, it means that he has not bent over correcting them. For example, 200 photos are more valuable, but they are cropped and well-corrected in the graphics program, than more than 1000 photos from a memory card.

    Face-to-face meeting - a necessary condition?

    Meet the photographer, if only to check how you feel in his company, whether he is not disconcerting you, whether it is communicative or problematic. The worst thing is to find someone you can't find a common language with. After all, during a wedding session he can give you "orders" - you must feel good about it. During such meetings, pay attention to the atmosphere during the conversation and, importantly, the photographer's personal culture. If you like the pictures, you agree in writing on the price, scope of the service and of course the dates.

    - The wedding day is full of joy, but also ubiquitous stress. If this employs an "artist" who has flies in his nose, nothing suits him, gives the impression of a person more important than the characters of the day - then, despite even receiving beautiful pictures, there is disgust and unpleasant memories. So maybe it is worth considering during the initial conversation, is it suitable with a photographer on similar waves?

    The future Young Couple should choose a given photographer or cameraman only after meeting him and after viewing photos from photo sessions or presentations from other newlyweds' festivities. Choose a person who offers clear conditions for cooperation. Ask about the contract, read its content.

    Prudent insured - contract, down payment and second camera just in case

    The fact that a photographer or cameraman has a business is important, especially in the event of improper performance of his contract, e.g. when a service provider appears at the wedding other than the one with whom you agreed the details (unless it is specified in the contract). However, this does not apply to aesthetic matters - if you receive photos that you don't like completely, no one will treat this as a breach of contract.

    Demand a contract anytime, anywhere. You should specify the time and date of the service, the number of photos and format and form (photos on CD or developed, photobook or album?) As well as the date of their transfer and additional information: about the presence of another photographer at the ceremony / substitution, resignation from the service and dress photographer on the day of the wedding, outdoor session in the price, etc. Be sure to ask the photographer if he has a valid authorization to take pictures in sacred buildings.

    The amount of the down payment varies, some just take PLN 100 and others take 30% of the order's value.

    Accidents happen. So ask the photographer a question: "What happens if the photographic or filming equipment fails during the celebration?" The professional will have a second camera up his sleeve.

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