• How do you choose the right flowers for your wedding?


    How do you choose the right flowers for your wedding?

    Flowers are an integral part of the wedding and reception, they emphasize the uniqueness of the ceremony, and at the same time are an important part of the image of the bride and groom. The choice of flowers should not be left at the last minute. It is worth planning this activity a few weeks before the planned wedding.

    What to consider when choosing flowers?

    To start with, think about your expectations regarding the appearance, color or type of flowers. When choosing flowers for your wedding, consider the following:

    • the taste and personality of the bride and groom,
    • budget,
    • wedding and reception style,
    • theme,
    • appearance and color of the wedding dress,
    • place of wedding and reception.

    If you do not have clearly defined preferences, it is worth looking for inspiration on the Internet or in industry magazines and catalogs. You can also choose timeless classics that always look beautiful: roses, peonies, orchids or lilies.

    Seasonality of flowers

    In addition to the factors mentioned above, the choice of flowers should also be dictated by their availability on the market. When choosing flowers that do not occur in a given season, you have to take into account higher costs. Here is an example of a combination of flowers in the context of their seasonality:

    Spring flowers: tulip, lilac, lily of the valley, freesia, narcissus, anemone, grape hyacinth, buttercup.

    Summer flowers: rose, lavender, dahlia, peony, gladiola, sunflower, gardenia, hydrangea, eustoma, gypsophila, calla, larkspur.

    Autumn flowers: carnation, rowan, rose, dahlia, hydrangea, briar, alstroemeria.

    Winter flowers: hellebore, hyacinth, poinsettia, amaryllis, tulip.

    Flower color

    Another important element that you need to pay attention to is the color of the flowers. It should be matched to the color of the wedding dress, chosen theme or hall decor. When choosing a flower color, remember to make it harmonize with the colors of other decorative elements, but at the same time stand out against their background.

    The bride's bouquet should be a tone darker than the color of the wedding dress. If additional colors appear in it, it is also worth emphasizing them in a flower bouquet. In addition, the bouquet should be color-matched to the bride's hair and complexion.